Range Rover P38 - Alloy Radiator

There is nothing inherently wrong with the original radiator, but there have been a number of cases of the plastic top tank splitting which also happened to me. As my radiator had just been fitted when I bought the car four years previously I suspect that the quality of some aftermarket radiators may be questionable.
The standard radiators are not that expensive in the grand scheme of things but that doesn't help when yours does split and leaves you stranded somewhere (likely in heavy traffic when it will be under most strain). Therefore I bit the bullet and spent twice as much on an all alloy replacement.


So, does it make a difference? Is it worth the not inconsiderable extra cost (up to twice as much as the standard aftermarket replacements)?
Well, the viscous fan is kicking in more often as it absorbs the extra heat that this radiator it transferring from the coolant so that's a good indication that it is more effective. A year after fitting I have no complaints.



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